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At first, when we rented a small office with a couple of friends we decided to do all the cleaning alone in order to cut our expenses. But then we realized we were losing valuable time and we started looking for a company that offered cheap cleaning services. Coming upon Ealing Carpet Cleaners was like hitting the jackpot – the guys proved to be extremely good at what they do, and they offered us very good prices too! We have been working with them ever since, for more than two years now! Perry A.

For me what defines a great service company is the balance between price and quality. Some companies do offer premium quality, but their prices are sky-high. Others speculate with the price, but their quality is really not worth a penny. Ealing Carpet Cleaners have found the perfect balance and this is the main reason they have cleaned my restaurant and my office for almost three years now! Clive T.

I needed some improvements done in my apartment and I hired a building crew to do it. Don’t get me wrong – they did a very good job, but my carpets were close to ruined – dirty-shoes steps all over the place, some drops of paint and dust all over the place. The team from Ealing Carpet Cleaners did not seem to be very impressed with all this – they did their job with no fuss, very professionally, and in the end my carpets looked even better than ever! Amazing performance! Linda H.

Words fail me to describe my gratitude to Ealing Carpet Cleaners – they literally saved my favourite large Persian rug that costs more than a thousand pounds! You guys deserve every penny I paid for your service! Louis M.