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Hot Water Extraction

Why hot water extraction?

If you need to live in a healthy home environment, than call us to fight all the germs and harmful bacteria living in your carpet. We can not only remove all kinds of stains and dirt, but we also remove all the dust from the carpet. Due to our hot water extraction carpet cleaning service, we provide a deep, thorough cleaning without damaging the carpet.


  • We use powerful alkaline substances to kill all germs and bacteria
  • The method is absolutely safe for you
  • It is a quick and efficient procedure
  • We will not damage your carpet


  • Single bedroom £20.00
  • Double bedroom £25.00
  • Hallway £15.00
  • Flight of stairs £18.00
  • Landing £6.00
  • Bathroom £6.00
  • Dining room £25.00
  • Lounge £27.00

* Minimum of £50.00 per service