Furniture Cleaning

What is furniture cleaning?

If you have stained the sofa or you just think your upholstery looks already old and dull, count on us to give it a second life. We will thoroughly clean the damask and your upholstery will look newer and fresher. No need to buy new furniture, just call us!


  • Dust can be completely removed from the furniture through hot water extraction
  • All sorts of bacteria, germs and other invisible threats will be removed by this procedure
  • We use very little amount of cleaning detergents
  • Your furniture will look newer and cleaner


  • 2-seater sofa     £31.00
  • 3-seater sofa     £37.00
  • Armchair         £17.00
  • Dining chair      £7.00
  •  Office chair £10.00
  • Sofa cushion £5.00
  • Curtains (half length) per set   £30.00
  • Curtains (full length) per set    £40.00
  • Curtains dry cleaning £4.00 per sq. m.

Prices exclude VAT. Minimum charge of £50.00 applies.