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Dry Carpet Cleaning

What is dry carpet cleaning?

Recognised as one of the most efficient carpet cleaning techniques, dry carpet cleaning is a quick and reliable procedure.  It works with VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaning system. It allows a quick, easy and damage-safe performance of the method. Contact us and we will help with your carpet cleaning troubles.


  • The procedure is highly efficient and is quickly performed
  • A minimum amount of water is used and respectively the risk of shrinking is minimum
  • We use only eco-friendly, harmless for human health cleaning components


  • Flight of stairs £29.00
  • Landing £10.00
  • Bathroom £10.00
  • Dining room £40.00
  • Lounge £43.00
  • Single bedroom £32.00
  • Double bedroom £40.00
  • Hallway £24.00

*Minimum of £60.00 per service.